Wall-painting in altar premises is dedicated to the Redemption, salvation and establishing the terrestrial church. Compositions are hidden behind the high iconostasis, but they make up a significant part of the cathedral’s fresco. All the murals in this part are related to the most important and solemn events of the liturgical year—weekly liturgies and Pentecost, viz the period between the Resurrection and the Ascension. East arch illustrates the Ascension, the arch below – the Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles. Upper parts of the walls in the chancel are painted with complex compositions involving many figures—the Crucifixion and the Descent into Hell. Central apsis is painted with the scenes of the Passion and the Christophany, as well as traditional Eucharist and the Sunday of the Holy Fathers. The walls of the Prothesis’ bear scenes dedicated to the Passion of Christ. The Diaconicon walls illustrate Scenes from the Life of St Basil the Great. Originally that was the side chapel of the Saint.

The Communion in the Species of WineWashing the Feet of the DisciplesThe Feast in the House of SimonThe Last SupperThe Appearance of Christ to the Disciples in GalileeThe Appearance of Christ to the Apostles at the Sea of TiberiasThe Communion in the Species of BreadSt Basil the GreatLife of St Basil the GreatSt Basil the Great before Julian the ApostateWoman Falls Down before St Basil the Great