Christ Pantocrator

The Deisis tier of the Annunciation Cathedral is an outstanding work of art of the epoch of Theophanes the Greek and Andrey Rublev. It is the most perfect monument of Byzantium style of the 14th century.  It is the evidence of vivid peculiarity of spiritual life and culture of princely Moscow of the late 14th century. This row of the Annunciation Cathedral is the oldest extant one. It is admitted to be the key monument of the Moscow school of icon-painting. The Deisis tier is the most significant tier of this iconostasis, in its conceptual, composition and colour decision. Its dominance is emphasized by its size either—the icons are painted on two-meter boards.

St Basil the GreatIcon of the Apostle PeterIcon of the Archangel MichaelIcon of the Mother of God

Icon of John the PrecursorIcon of the Archangel GabrielIcon of the Apostle PaulIcon of St. John Chrysostom